Sometimes when you’re job hunting, you may notice that the name of the company, advertising their vacancy, seems to be missing. Why would they do this?


1) It’s a high profile company, advertising a job on a well known programme.¬† Publicly announcing they are hiring, tends to make job hunters and fans of the show make contact about unrelated matters or positions.

So, imagine you are working very hard on a production where recruitment may be a very small part of your responsibilities, or perhaps not at all. Now imagine how you feel when the phone rings non-stop, or your inbox fills up, with enquiries about;

  • * vacancies you don’t have
  • * how the caller can get tickets
  • * audition slots or ‘did I get through?’
  • * contractors or suppliers trying to sell their product to you
  • * agencies wanting to put this job on a high profile production on their platforms (they could be making money from placing people)

When you are really busy and doing long hours, the above enquiries- while lovely that your programme gets so much positive attention, take up a lot of your precious time and energy in responding politely. The team shouldn’t have to field these enquiries while trying to get their job done.

A bit easier just to keep the job a secret, right?

2) A workers contract isn’t going to be renewed for a re-commission or they aren’t going to be hired on a new programme at the company. There could be a wide variety of reasons why this would be;

  • * the person doesn’t quite have the right skills
  • * clash of personalities with existing team members
  • * they can’t stay on at the company for tax reasons

To avoid uncomfortable or awkward situations and often to protect the feelings of the individual, the employer may choose to keep the advert  for the vacancy anonymous.

3) The company doesn’t have a dedicated talent manager, HR team or online database for managing enquiries about work. They will choose to remain anonymous and have applications forwarded to them. The team member tasked with sorting through them can do it when convenient in their schedule.