Writer and Producer, Stephen Follows, recently ran two surveys about recruitment in film and TV which produced very interesting results on a few issues about working in the industries that we think you may find enlightening.

One was an independent survey of international film professionals and the other was kindly hosted by thecallsheet.co.uk

Delightedly, our hard work here at theunitlist.com shows by this site coming top as a resource, after Facebook, for TV jobs.  However, the results about working for free revealed very depressing data. Namely, that 49% of respondents think it’s still ok for new entrants to work for free, despite the law being very clear about when the National Minimum Wage is due and to whom.

The National Minimum Wage came into force in April 1999 and yet still some employers believe it doesn’t apply to their workforce and workers think it’s ok . It’s not – it’s against the law.


Read the results of the survey here (and check out the great tips too).