Over the coming 12 months, the main UK Broadcasters will be switching from video tape to file-based delivery of programmes in a revolution described as the biggest change in television since the introduction of colour (fancy! – Ed)


“File Delivery Made Real” is a series of training events organised by the BBC Academy to prepare the industry for these changes. The events will build on the forums that have been held by the DPP, and “File Delivery Made Real” will include a practical zone where the techniques for creating, reviewing and delivering the files will be demonstrated on state-of-the-art equipment. There will be interactive hands-on exercises to familiarise both production, post-production and technical staff with the skills required to successfully build DPP file delivery into their production workflows.


The first series of events will take place during June and July in Salford, Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff and London. They are aimed at staff working within UK broadcasters, independent production companies, post-production houses and freelancers. A second series of events later in the year will be hosted for BBC staff as teams start to migrate across to file delivery.There will be two streams; one for producers, production managers and heads of production; the other will be for editors, technical operators and engineers.


Download the list of dates for each location and booking info here