Is Directors UK holding money for you?


Directors UK has been collecting and administering money due to its members for 25 years now, distributing tens of millions of pounds in that time to directors here in Britain.


These payments are collected from broadcasters here in the UK and collecting societies from across Europe, to compensate for rights assigned by directors under individual contract. The majority of working British directors are members of D-UK, meaning uniting these directors with their money is relatively straightforward.


However, there are inevitably a small number of working film and television directors who are not members, and are perhaps unaware that money is being collected on their behalf. D-UK would very much like to get in touch with these directors, to let them know money is being held for them! So, if you or anyone you recognise is on either of these lists (http://www.directors.uk.com/distribution/have-we-got-money-you/trace-foreign andhttp://www.directors.uk.com/distribution/have-we-got-money-you/trace-uk), please get in touch at membership@directors.uk.com