How does The Unit List work?

Production companies looking to recruit talented freelancers from the world of broadcast TV for TV, film, digital, corporates and commercials contact us with vacancy details as set out below.

We publish here on the site, at Twitter and Facebook   You can download some more information about it here

We do NOT publish vacancies for unpaid positions or roles above entry level paying less than industry standard rates. We also cannot accommodate hobby projects or positions unrelated to the industry.

Want to publish a job on our platforms?

Email us at with the following information:



Please confirm:

* The company is fully insured?

* Start date and approx length of contract if known?

* Postcode of place of work?

* 5 day week?

* Is DOIL or pro rata salary applicable for additional days?

* Minimum years/credits experience required?

* Do they need to drive?

* Will they need to be over 23/25 for hire car insurance purposes

* Any other special skills (Final Draft, carnets, etc…)

* Rate is confirmed at least National Minimum Wage or the National Living Wage plus holiday pay of 10.77%.

* your company does not have any unpaid workers or unpaid trial shifts.

* We respectfully and politely request that all applicants receive a response either way. Particularly, those whom you have selected to interview and have met with regard to a potential job.  A cut-&-pasted email is sufficient.  Please remember how it feels to be waiting for the phone to ring after an interview…

Looking for advice on an industry related issue?

We regret that The Unit List is currently unable to respond to individual requests for advice via email.

If the nature of your enquiry relates to unpaid work issues, please contact us on

Please note, it is currently not possible to telephone anyone at The Unit List as we all have day jobs.